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$atori Zoom releases a lyric video for his “Tyson” single

$atori Zoom is a rising indie rapper from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he released a lyric video for his “Tyson” single, produced by YUKi.

$atori Zoom – “Tyson” lyric video

“In making TYSON, I realized that this wasn’t just another banger for the weight room or the dance floor. But it had real knockout power. No other name suited it best in my eyes.” – $atori Zoom stated

‘Tyson’ is the purest example of $atori Zoom’s style. The likable tune contains booming bass-laden instrumentation flavored with trap, phonk, and alternative hip-hop elements. Furthermore, “Tyson” follows fresh on the heels of $atori Zoom’s latest album, entitled, “ATTICA!.” The project opens with Memphis hip-hop legend, DJ Paul, reciting one of Muhammad Ali’s poems about the Attica prison riot.

$atori Zoom – “ATTICA!” album

$atori Zoom - “ATTICA!” album cover

$atori Zoom emerged in 2019 with his Tokyo Drift sampling hit, Buster. The song currently sits at 70 million streams on Spotify and nearly 17 million views on YouTube.


From behind the bandana swept carefully under his signature L.A. cap, $atori Zoom is shrouded in the mystery and intrigue that comes with an artist on a rapid rise. As you peel back the layers on the West Coast hitmaker, it becomes apparent that you have unearthed a hidden gem treasured by his cult-like following. His viral knockout, BUSTER, encapsulates the hypnotic allure of $atori’s core-shaking beats and unapologetic lyricism. While this ethos serves as the foundation of his work, he hardly confines his imagination to a singular style.

“I got the ball inside my court, showtime Magic. I pass the ball right to Jabbar, swish.”

$atori Zoom press photo

When it came to choosing his creative alias, $atori took a page from Kurt Cobain by extending his reach to Buddhist teachings. In the Japanese tradition, “satori” is synonymous with awakening — a philosophical state he strives to continuously share.

“Tyson” single

$atori Zoom - “Tyson” song cover art

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