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Photo by Jeremy Ryan

Sarah Potenza releases a bubbly blues tune, entitled, “I Work for Me”

Sarah Potenza is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter/activist from Providence, Rhode Island. Not too long ago, she released “I Work for Me”, a bubbly blues tune from her upcoming second solo album, entitled, “Road to Rome”. 

Sarah Potenza – “I Work for Me”

“‘I Work for Me’ is about more than just bossing up and doing for yourself. It’s saying, ‘Hey, I work for me, as in, my body, my spirit, my personality, who I am…It all works for me. ‘I Work for Me’ is my dedication to those who told me I wasn’t good enough. What I have come to know, is that what they really meant to say was, ‘How dare you believe that you can, when I don’t dare believe that I can.’ Because confidence scares people. It puts them in the awkward position of facing their own fear of success.” – Sarah Potenza communicated this evergreen message via Rolling Stone

‘I Work for Me’ contains an inspirational storyline and bold vocals. Also, the song possesses swaggering instrumentation flavored with pop, contemporary blues, and retro-soul elements.

Sarah Potenza – “I Work for Me”

Sarah Potenza – “I Work for Me” artwork
Photo by @jeremyryan

Sarah Potenza was a semi-finalist on season 8 of The Voice and her audience stretches across the Atlantic Ocean. On March 8th, International Women’s Day, she plans on releasing “Road to Rome”. The 10-track project sheds light on women being a minority within the male-dominated music industry. Also, it highlights the fact that women have learned to trust their instincts, refusing to let mainstream trends dilute their artistic statements.

Get acquainted with Sarah Potenza’s music by streaming her debut solo album, entitled, “Monster”, via Spotify.

Sarah Potenza –   “Monster”

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