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Sara Jackson-Holman releases an appealing lyric video for her “garden of me” single

Sara Jackson-Holman is a talented singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released an appealing lyric video for her “garden of me” single.

Sara Jackson-Holman – “garden of me” lyric visualizer

“Listening to rain fall, I’ve become a stranger to myself. Remembering who I once was, I let myself feel it all. Hope and melancholia, dread with my euphoria. When the night starts dragging on and loneliness comes calling, I try to zone out on my phone but the world feels like it’s falling. Still, I gotta carry on. All I know is I’m where I’m supposed to be. For everything that hurt that didn’t get the best of me, and all the tears I cried made a garden of me. In spite of it all, I have learned to let my life feel sweet.” – lyrics

‘garden of me’ is an anthemic ode to past selves, a reminder that time softens the sharp edges of suffering. Sweet as spring rain, it is triumphant, glittering, and resplendent. Also, “garden of me” is Sara Jackson-Holman’s most optimistic answer to her gnawing obsession—what do we do with our pain?

‘garden of me’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. The likable tune possesses drum-laden instrumentation flavored with a dreamy, indie-pop vibration. Furthermore, “garden of me” is the second release from Sara Jackson-Holman’s latest 10-track album, entitled, “supercinematic.”

“Braver than I once was, I’ve become an anthem to myself.”

Sara Jackson-Holman – “supercinematic” album cover art

“In many ways, I feel like I write because I have to. It is how I make sense of myself and the world. How do I hold grief and love at the same time? How do I practice acceptance and not dissociate? I still don’t really have the answers, but for me, the beauty is found in the question. ‘supercinematic’ is a soundtrack of my inner world. It is obsessive, emotive, and lush. A vessel for my dramatic inner landscape.” – Sara Jackson-Holman explained

‘supercinematic’ is Sara Jackson-Holman’s third collaboration with Stefan Macerewich. The super-cinematic project takes listeners to a compelling, intoxicating, contemporary, and nostalgic world. Lush arrangements support Jackson-Holman’s rich, emotive voice, which moves effortlessly from smoky depths to airy heights, in this sumptuous exploration of personal mythology. “Tell me everything, that’s my kinda dopamine,” she shares early in the album. Lyrically, “supercinematic” offers a generous collection of vulnerable snapshots.

“The process of creation, of naming, of wrangling my inner chaos to something coherent—beautiful, even. While I am obsessed with making meaning, I come up short when I think of the significance of pushing my own work. It has sustained me and been my livelihood for the past 10 years but I don’t feel particularly entitled to your attention. I’m just doing a thing I love, writing these songs. They are just offerings, and if any of it resonates, that is meaning enough for me.” – Sara Jackson-Holman explained

To date, Sara Jackson-Holman has released four studio albums. Her songs have been featured in numerous TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Riverdale, Orange is the New Black, and Pretty Little Liars.

“garden of me” single

Sara Jackson-Holman – “supercinematic” press photo

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