Sandy Scribbles

Sandy Scribbles releases visuals for her “2 Minute Warning” song

Sandy Scribbles is a Miami-based R&B/Soul singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a delicious soul tune, entitled, “2 Minute Warning”.

Sandy Scribbles – “2 Minutes Warning”

The Scribbles-directed video finds actress Jade Lilly walking through nature on a hot and sunny day. The Creole-produced beat kicks in while she climbs wooden steps to an opened platform with a treetop view. There, she contemplates life. Also, she reflects on the decision she must make to stop her from folding into what she used to be. 

“2 Minutes Warning” contains soul vocals, charming melodies, and a rhythmic instrumentation oozing with a neo-soul sonic bounce.”

Sandy Scribbles

“‘Two minute Warning’ is a song about repeating the same mistakes and slipping back into the person you thought change left behind.” – Sandy Scribbles

We recommend adding Scribbles’ “2 Minute Warning” song to your personal music playlist.

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