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Sam George releases a charming debut single, entitled, “Follow You”

Sam George is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter based in the heart of Liverpool, England. Not too long ago, he released a charming debut single, entitled, “Follow You”, produced with Kovamusic.

Sam George – “Follow You” single

“You’re nothing short of a miracle. Ever since the get-go, you’ve been my guardian angel. It makes no sense at all, you don’t trust me lately. Stop talking so fictional ‘cause I told you, baby. Sure as your eyes are blue, I’ll always follow you until the end. Whatever happens then, I’m doing all I can to be a better man. It’s true, I will follow you.” – lyrics

‘Follow You’ tells a faithful tale of a young guy who reveals to his significant other that he is trustworthy and committed to their budding relationship.

Apparently, his sweetheart is his lover and best friend, someone who he thinks about a hundred times a day because he knows she has his back.

‘Follow You’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and well-placed melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses rhythmic pop instrumentation flavored with acoustic guitar and Indian flutes.

Sam George – “Follow You” single

Sam George - “Follow You” cover

Sam George’s music fits in the same sonic ballpark with songs created by Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran.

We recommended adding his “Follow You” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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