Salliefoyeh releases a music video for her “Never Seen” single

Salliefoyeh is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter based in South London. Not too long ago, she released a pleasant music video for “Never Seen”, a single from her upcoming EP, entitled, “A Love Unseen”.

Salliefoyeh  – “Never Seen”

“There’s more to you than what the eye can see. Whether horizon meets the sky is where your beauty caught my eye and left me breathless. Left me wondering if I seen you before. But now I’m sure, I never seen anything like this.” – lyrics

The Alexis Tymon-directed video finds Salliefoyeh walking through nature and absorbing its blessings. Also, other scenes show her relaxing by an opened sun-lit window, roller skating on a sidewalk, and cleaning her bedroom and getting ready to head outdoors.   

‘Never Seen’ contains a dreamy storyline, soft vocals, and a groovy instrumentation oozing with jazz, soul, and hip-hop elements. 



“The inspiration behind the video was that we wanted to create something that was really warm and inviting. The song speaks of this love that I’ve never seen before. So we wanted to bring viewers into that really happy, blissful feeling that love gives you. Light was really important in creating that vibe and we got some gorgeous shots, which I really love.” – Salliefoyeh

Salliefoyeh’s music is a warm blend of R&B and soul. Her musical influences include Lauryn Hill and Corrine Bailey Rae.

We recommend adding her “Never Seen” single to your personal playlist.

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