Sad Girls Aquatics Club press photo

Sad Girls Aquatics Club releases a music video for their “Oh Billy” single

Sad Girls Aquatics Club is a pop duo from Pittsburgh, PA. Not too long ago, they released a music video for “Oh Billy”, a bubbly indie-pop tune from their “Vodkawine” EP.

Sad Girls Aquatics Club – “Oh Billy”

“I can’t sleep, wondering where you might be. Shorten your leash, not knowing you had broke free. It’s alright, I know you will come back someday. It’s alright ’cause I’ll never tell you to stay. Oh Billy, it kills me, you still keep your heart from my hands. Oh Billy, fulfill all my fears ’cause you want out again.” – lyrics

‘Oh Billy’ contains a relatable narrative, dreamy pop vocals, and a spunky instrumental seasoned with a drumming rhythm. Also, the song possesses an enjoyable guitar bridge towards the end. 

Sad Girls Aquatics Club

Sad Girls Aquatics Club press photo
Photo by Katie Krulock

“‘Oh Billy’ is a song about trying to win the affection of someone who is seemingly indifferent to your general existence. Translation: This song is about Marie’s French bulldog Billy.” – Sad Girls Aquatics Club

Sad Girls Aquatics Club consists of Marie Mashyna and Chelsea Rumbaugh. The dynamic duo sings the blues which oftentimes create sad break-up music. Get acquainted with their sound by streaming their “Vodkawine” EP via Spotify.  

Sad Girls Aquatics Club – “Vodkawine”

We recommend adding Sad Girls Aquatics Club’s “Oh Billy” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below. 

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