Rynn releases a poppin’ alternative tune, entitled, “Tokyo”

Rynn is an Ohio-native, Los Angeles-based pop singer. Not too long ago, she released a poppin’ alternative tune, entitled, “Tokyo”.

Rynn – “Tokyo”

Tokyo holds one of the most special places in my heart because it was where I fell to my lowest point. But also the place of the biggest turning point which ended up shaping me the most. I knew that once I came back home things had to be different. I knew that I had to find myself and rebuild myself.” – Rynn

“Tokyo” takes listeners through the artist’s journey of self-recreation during a life-changing period throughout a month-long trip to Japan. Also, it contains elements of ethereal soundscapes and hypnotical melodies that captivate listeners with its dreamy, atmospheric sound.


Rynn released her first single, “Islands”, from her debut EP, entitled, “Nightfires”, in 2016. The single has generated over 8-million streams on Spotify and made its way on to major playlists.  

Rynn – “Islands”

“I don’t mean to be a bother but I was pondering if you’d cross an ocean for me. ‘Cause I just really need to know If this is love or are we simply sharing air to breathe. When the waves get rough will you be here when I wake up. When the waves get rough will you be here when I wake up.” – Chorus

The Jenna Billman-directed video begins with the artist walking on a beach. Also, she and a man are relaxing on a couch, positioned outside on a grassy field.  

Islands is about questioning a relationship and also feeling alone in a relationship.” – Rynn

“Nightfires” EP

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