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Ry August releases a heartfelt pop single, entitled, “what do you do”

Ry August (Ryan Spencer) is an LA-based singer-songwriter from Baltimore, MD. Not too long ago, he released a heartfelt pop single, titled, “what do you do.”

Ry August – “what do you do” single

“I wrote this song in my apartment in San Diego about facing your own negative thoughts head-on. I have struggled with being in my own head and overthinking many times throughout my life. It has often held me back from where I want to go. But what do you do? Do you run away from those thoughts and hide in your comfort zone? Maybe you abuse vices to avoid thinking about your choices or make excuses about how you aren’t good enough. Or do you face these thoughts and fight through the negativity to eventually develop and practice self-love? We are designed to have a fight-or-flight response. I’m choosing to fight. There is peace and clarity to be found if you really put the work in every single day. This song is really just asking the listener what they are going to do when those thoughts start running after them.” – Ry August explained

‘what do you do’ contains a mental health-based narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and catchy sing-along melodies. The relatable tune possesses thudding drum and string instrumentation flavored with indie and contemporary pop elements. Furthermore, “what do you do” provides deep insights into what to do when your thoughts come running after you. Ry August sings, “This road is too long to be stuck on yesterday. Don’t chase the dollar on your mind – go seek some change. Way deep in your brain you’ll find the change.”

“Do you stay, and you fight or run away?”

Ry August press photo

Ry August moved to York, PA, with his single mother when he was 13 years old. Since then, he has been recording and performing music. Later, he moved to San Diego. But now, he lives in Los Angeles, where he is releasing music full-time.

“what do you do” single

Ry August - “what do you do” cover art

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