Rocstrong press photo
Ayo Adepoju (WPGM)

Rocstrong releases a riotous alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Blood Spilling”

Rocstrong is a genre-defying Irish Congolese singer-songwriter/musician. Not too long ago, he released “Blood Spilling”, a riotous alternative-pop tune from his sophomore EP, entitled, “All on Black”.

Rocstrong – “Blood Spilling”

“My parents are from Congo DRC but they relocated to Ireland for a better life. So their children could have a better life. It wasn’t by choice. Also, this gets me questioning why Congo DRC, one of the richest countries in the world (natural resources wise), is a place with the poorest people? For my dreams to even come close to coming true, I had to leave my home and chase it elsewhere. Greed has crippled the place that I’m from and the same will happen globally sooner or later.” – Rocstrong

‘Blood Spilling’ contains a relatable storyline, powerful global message, and lush instrumentation flavored with heavy guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums, and alternative-rock sensibilities. Also, the song finds its central theme around the power of money and the wealth disparity in today’s society.


Rocstrong press photo
Photo by Ayo Adepoju (WPGM)

“We put out a message that all should be equal but unfortunately this is not the case. There are people living amongst us that are so cut off from the world, primarily because of the lack of money. They don’t get to have regular conversations with other people. They don’t get to eat or have necessities that we all have. And they are deprived of acceptance and human contact for years. As a result, they become alone with no options or choices to get them out of that situation. Why?” – Rocstrong

‘Blood Spilling’ finds Rocstrong painfully tracing back his heritage to the Congo DRC. Also, he addresses the ongoing war in the region without fear. Check out Rocstrong’s “All on Me” EP via Spotify.

“All on Black”

“The power of money is the key message of ‘All on Black’. We have given it so much power that now things have shifted into money having power over us. How much money you have decides how far you go and how long you can survive in this modern world. This change has caused a huge gap and those that can’t keep up are forgotten, cut off and no longer accepted in society.” – Rocstrong

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