Rob $tone in music video for Rolling $tone

Rob $tone releases an official music video for “Rolling $tone”

Rob $tone is an emerging rapper outta San Diego, CA. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Rolling $tone”, a dope song off his “I’m Almost Ready” mixtape.

Rob $tone

The David Camarena-directed video shows $tone chillin’ in his city with his homeboys by his side. Other scenes depict $tone performing on stage in front of a packed house.


The release of “Rolling $tone” comes under tight scrutiny because it includes a Rolling Stones’ sample. Rob $tone addressed this issue in a public statement via YouTube.

“Before I get sued for this, I just want to say that I had never heard the Rolling Stones sample used in a song until after I had already recorded to the instrumental…Crazy, right?”

“Anyways, my label didn’t want me to put this out to avoid legal issues with it, but we put too much into this video to never release it. It really showcases the beauty of my hometown, San Diego, CA. Hopefully The Rolling Stones do not file a lawsuit or a cease and desist order on this song because it was an honest coincidence. On top of that my 1207 brother, Malik burgers, completely replayed the guitar in his own way! It was dope. Anyways, enjoy!”

Check out Rob $tone’s “I’m Almost Ready” project via Soundcloud.

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