Rob Clove is a New York City-based international Soul vocalist, saxophonist, songwriter, and actor outta Fayetteville, North Carolina. Not too long ago, he broke down the meaning behind his debut EP, untitled, “Energy of Humanity”, an R&B/Soul classic mixed with old and new sounds.

Rob Clove – Little Black Boys”

The first song from Clove’s EP that caught our attention was “Little Black Boy”, a classic soul single dedicated to the marginalized boys and girls who never make it back home within African-American communities.

“Energy of Humanity”

Rob Clove

“This is my first true original project as a bandleader and writer since beginning my journey through music. I wanted this EP to be meaningful, understanding that this opportunity is not taken for granted and may be once in a lifetime. Also, I’ve been wrestling with the idea behind how people make choices in everyday life. But, more importantly, why?” – Clove

Rob Clove

Rob Clove

Kolin Mendez Photography (kmendezPHOTOS)

“What’s the difference from those who are content with life compared to others who continue to face long-term sadness and grief? I’ve come to believe that the difference is based on the foundation of our daily decisions. Also, the competition of fear versus love. It appears that when choices are made out of love (in spite of fear), the results have profound rewards such as joy, compassion, peace, hope, and even prosperity.

Rob Clove

Rob Clove

Photo by Calvin Tran

“The power surrounding love has been shown to positively influence ideas, thought process, and behaviors of individuals. Also, this alone is the sole reason and inspiration behind this project. Overall, the point is that this unique force, our “Energy of Humanity“, is innate within all of us. The more we learn about who we are as spiritual beings living a human experience, the quicker we realize that we are compelling people with the ability to transmit this energy to everyone with whom we come in contact.”

Rob Clove – “Future Woman”

“This in return creates a domino effect in which we consciously and purposely evolve as a whole. Let’s take our life lessons and use it for finding self-love and love of those we may have broken through relationships. Also, remembering the issues we face in our communities.”

“Energy of Humanity” EP

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