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Riva Taylor releases visuals for her “Chaos Killed the Thrill” single

Riva Taylor is an Adult Contemporary singer-songwriter out of London, England. Not too long ago, she released visuals for her dynamic Adult Contemporary jam, entitled, “Chaos Killed the Thrill”.

Riva Taylor – “Chaos Killed the Thrill”

Do you miss the feeling? Do you miss my touch? You always got yourself wired up. So what if you’re into me. We’re not what you want to be. Were we ever really whole.” – lyrics

The cinematic video finds Taylor, and two female dancers, performing choreograph moves inside an elegant domed area.

“Chaos Killed the Thrill” speaks about rebuilding a broken relationship after the romance has disappeared. Even though the couple’s love has shattered in pieces, there’s still hope that they can piece everything back together. Also, it’s possible to rekindle the fire that once burned inside of them.

Riva Taylor + Chaos Killed The Thrill

“I’ve been very much a girl who has been in pieces. I can see all of them. There’s the showgirl who kicks her leg high. There’s the kid who was empty and all over the place. And there’s the ambition and tenacity. There’s the artistry and the business. Now it’s about pulling all of that together in one record, making a sense of who I am.” – Riva Taylor

Taylor recorded “Chaos Killed the Thrill” in Berlin, Germany. The song contains classy instrumentation, grandeur vocals, and charismatic melodies. Also, its optimistic message is timely, and reveals what’s broken can be mended in due time.

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