RIMON is an Eritrean-born pop singer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her poppin’ new single, entitled, “Realize”.

RIMON – “Realize”

“Nonstop, Stacked up. Caught up in the drive, top notch. The first drop, when you realize, top chop. Your eyes drop, wearing crop tops. When we chillin’ at the rooftop, champagne pop. Tryin’ stick it up to the ceiling. Mami, no stress, we eatin’. Nothing ever comes easy. Now we pop champagne like a b-day.”

The Yavez Anthonio-directed video finds RIMON in a rehearsing studio. The following scenes show a collection of home videos and happy scenes from her life. As she celebrates prosperity with friends and family, her humble journey gives us a glimpse into the greatness that is still ahead.



Realize‘ is a song written towards myself and my loved ones assuring that our visions are being manifested. The struggle was real and still is real. But every day, I’m getting closer to my dream and realizing what we had in mind for the past few years. It’s a celebration actually of accomplishments and of the people I’m surrounded with. It’s all about good vibes, enjoying life, and working hard while doing so.” – RIMON

“Realize” is a rhythmic summery tune perfumed with tropical and world elements. Produced by Samuel Kareem, it showcases RIMON’s soothing vocals and her empowering and triumphant storytelling.



SIMON dropped out of school at the age of 17 to travel and create music with Kareem. Her music emphasizes how important it is for young black girls to have strong ladies to look up to. Like Nina Simone and Erykah Badu, RIMON has become a positive representation of an outspoken, strong, and creative woman.

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