Renni Rucci

Renni Rucci releases a brand-new single, entitled, “Mirror Mirror”

Renni Rucci is a stripper-turned-rapper from Columbia, South Carolina. Not too long ago, she released a melodic rap tune, entitled, “Mirror Mirror”.

Renni Rucci – “Mirror Mirror”

“He like to rap but I make that ni^^a sing. Purple rain, when I do my thing, can’t rock his two chains. I’m that flame, love the way he thinks, he gives me good brain. It’s insane, see me come and then I send him on his way. Please don’t call my phone, girl leave me alone, you know what doggone wrong. Blowin’ up my spot, please just stop, that sh*t is just not hot. Got you on the block list, yeah, you at the top b*tch. I ain’t love the ni^^a, I just used him for the top b*tch. Nah, I ain’t committed, ain’t cuffin’ nothin’ but benjis. Take all my ni^^as to Benis and play with all of they feelings. You get it, I am a menace, I got the illest intentions. Ni^^a stay out my mentions, you b*tchin’, all in your feelings.” – lyrics

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