RAYE performs “Oscar Winning Tears” LIVE on Good Morning America
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RAYE performs her “Oscar Winning Tears.” single LIVE on Good Morning America

RAYE (@raye) is a bestselling singer-songwriter from South London, England. Not too long ago, she kicked off her 26-stop North American tour with a live performance of her “Oscar Winning Tears.” single LIVE in New York City’s Time Square via Good Morning America.

RAYE performs “Oscar Winning Tears” LIVE on Good Morning America

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m gonna tell you about one of the many men, name is irrelevant, height is irrelevant. He was a one out of a ten, I wish that I knew it then, I’m still recovering. Truly, I’m vulnerable, I love a sentiment. Quickly, I opened up, I learnеd my lesson then. Thought I was safe again, thought hе was innocent, I was so wrong. I can’t deny, I was stuck in a daze, a terrible phase. You was convincing though, very believable, the role that you played.” – lyrics

‘Oscar Winning Tears’ tells an intriguing tale about a vulnerable young woman who shares a problematic relationship with her significant other. It’s a tragedy what they have become, but things didn’t have to be this way. What she doesn’t understand is why her partner is lying and crying. “Look how you talk to me, cursing and blasphemy,” she tells her dishonest companion. “I can’t deny, I thought you were the man, but you had a plan.”

‘Oscar Winning Tears’ contains ear-pleasing vocals and a relationship-based narrative that will resonate well with anyone who might say, “You can miss me with the bullsh*t, I can see right through your tears.” The emotive tune possesses thudding drums, sugary piano, and cinematic string-laden instrumentation flavored with a classy contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “Oscar Winning Tears” is featured on RAYE’s long-awaited debut independent album, entitled, “My 21st Century Blues.”

RAYE “My 21st Century Blues” album

RAYE “My 21st Century Blues” album cover art


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