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RARIA releases an appealing music video for her sensational new single, entitled, “Kill You Boy”

Have you ever had to face the daunting experience of taking a new partner home to meet your family? Particularly when your family is super protective and from a traditional European background? Well, RARIA, a singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, has lived through this event. Not too long ago, she tells the story via an appealing music video for her sensational new single, entitled, “Kill You Boy.” The RARIA-directed music video for the song features the artist and her extended Italian family.

RARIA – “Kill You Boy” music video

“When thinking of the video concept for ‘Kill You Boy,’ I knew that I HAD to use my OG family. I had so much fun directing my family in the visual. We basically just had a normal family dinner. I don’t think anybody was even acting! I think that anyone watching will get a pretty accurate insight into how things usually go down. My good friend, Angus Legg, played the role of the ‘nice guy’ that I bring home to meet my parents. He was so perfect for the role and nailed it. Thrifting for everyone’s outfits in this video was a huge highlight and so much fun. My friend, Nathan Smart, did such a great job with the visuals.” – RARIA explained

‘Kill You Boy’ contains a playful narrative, tuneful melodies, and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Watson, Navvy, and CXLOE. The likable tune possesses groovy bass, funky guitar, and thudding drum-laden instrumentation flavored with alternative and contemporary pop elements. Furthermore, “Kill You Boy” follows mildly on the heels of RARIA’s previously released single, entitled, “Dude,” which received huge support from Spotify, both locally and internationally, picking up support from New Music Friday Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden, and Turkey.


RARIA - “Kill You Boy” family photo

“‘Kill You Boy’ is about my crazy Italian family! Being the youngest sibling and the baby of my big family, they are always super protective. And every time, I bring a boyfriend home, they probably give them more of a hard time than they should. The song is a bit tongue-in-cheek, and my family’s intentions are all from love, but it’s simple: just don’t break my heart and they won’t kill you.” – RARIA explained

RARIA is leading a new wave of nostalgia-driven, eclectic pop. She is redefining the genre and making music to be remembered. To date, RARIA has garnered over a million streams while developing a growing presence on TikTok with over 3.6 million likes.

RARIA exploded onto the Australian music scene in 2021 with three sensational singles (“Break Up With Her,” “Will You Tell Your Girlfriend,” “Maybe I Might Kiss A Girl”). Her debut EP, “Boys Who Broke My Heart,” showcased her stunning voice and songwriting prowess. Her “Kill You Boy” single was produced by SB90 (Thandi Phoenix (“Cleopatra”) and Samsaruh (“Beautiful Killer”); and mixed by Cameron Robertson (Glades).

“Kill You Boy” single

RARIA - Kill You Boy - cover art

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