Ramengvrl releases a futuristic rap tune, entitled, “Whachu Mean”

Ramengvrl (Putri Soeharto) is an international rapper from Jakarta, Indonesia. Not too long ago, she released a futuristic rap tune, entitled, “Whachu Mean”.   

Ramengvrl – “Whachu Mean”

“‘WHACHU MEAN’ literally means ‘what you mean’. You’re being nice and friendly and all in front of me, but I know what you’re actually up to. So, it’s like I’m asking them, “Whatcha mean, bro? Just tell me what do you want? Don’t ask me how I’m doing if what you been really tryna say is ‘yo can we collab’. I don’t have time for chit chat. I prefer sleeping and playing Final Fantasy on my PlayStation 4.” – Ramengvrl

“Whachu Mean” is about a woman who is able to differentiate real from fake. It displeases her when someone acts friendly, but their handshake doesn’t match their smile. Once these fake individuals are identified, she doesn’t give him or her the light of day anymore. Because of that, they corrupt her name every time they talk behind her back.



“I really love Japanese culture and have been exposed to it since I was a kid. So, I think that Ramengvrl will be a perfect pseudonym.” – Ramengvrl

Putri didn’t have to think long and hard for a stage name. She knew she didn’t want to use her birth name or a cliché alias, so she came up with Ramengvrl. The name fits her well in the hip-hop scheme of things. But not too long ago, she wasn’t into rap music until she heard Kanye West’s music, which awakened the hip-hop inside of her.

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