Rahn Anthoni

Rahn Anthoni releases a music video for “I’ll Trust You”

Rahn Anthoni is a Gospel singer from a small town in Florida. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “I’ll Trust You“, a Fred Jerkins-produced song off his multi-single project bearing the same name.


The song is about a father who lost everything, including his special-needs son to abuse. Also, he’s in the process of losing his family, undergoing an open-heart surgery, and divorce.

Rahn Anthoni

“This song is in memory of my son Aaron Hatcher, who was a special-needs child, and was allegedly abused by his teachers until death. Fred Jerkins iii (Unc Freddie), produced and co-wrote this song because of a great heart The Lord has given him. God used Unc Freddie to look at my life and tell the story.”


“When you feel like giving up or you’re going through something, play this video, and it will remind you to NEVER give up. Losing a special-needs child is the worst, especially when it’s an alleged abuse and the child dies. This is a story about a man who lost his child to the abuse of teachers which was covered up.

This man suffered a heart attack and mental issues because of it. And had open heart surgery, while dealing with the pressure of life. This man made it through, and now he’s an advocate for other special-needs children. The man is ME! I gave up music when this happened to my son, and now I’m fighting for ALL with my voice.”

ChritianRest in peace Aaron Christian Hatcher


 Title: “I’ll Trust You

Genres: Christian Pop, Music

Released: Jan 12, 2017

Label: ℗ 2016 Rahn Anthoni Music

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