RADFORD REBORN - five-part documentary series

RADFORD REBORN Docu-Series premieres exclusively via Speedvision Free Ad Supported Television (FAST) Platforms

Speedvision, the definitive automotive entertainment brand, and Radford Motors, the iconic makers of fine automobiles, have teamed up to chronicle the dramatic race to recreate a legendary four-wheeled Holy Grail. The five-part documentary series, RADFORD REBORN, follows Radford Motors partners, master mechanic, Ant Anstead, and 2009 FIA Formula One World Champion, Jenson Button, and a small team, as they set out to do the unthinkable and create the Radford Type 62-2, a reimagined version of the fabled Lotus Type 62 for today’s modern era.

RADFORD REBORN debuts exclusively on Speedvision with a weekend-long marathon of all five episodes beginning April 14 at 8 PM GMT / 8 PM ET / 10 PM PT. Speedvision, the free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) network, can be found on the following popular platforms. RADFORD REBORN is executive produced by Jake Cardew, Ed Sanders, Ant Anstead, and Roger Behle. Producers include Joe Berry, Chris Hill, Skoti Collins, with line producer David Dwiggins. Directors are Ed Sanders, Glenn Carrano, Jake Cardew, Joe Berry, JF Musial, and Henrik Hansen (UK Unit). Also, RADFORD REBORN is produced for Speedvision by Lugnut.


Radford Type 62-2 photo
Photo Credit: @a.d.lawrence_Hethel | Lotus JPS-2

“We’ve been working on the Radford Type 62-2 project for over two years now and it’s mind-blowing to pause for a second to see our vision realized. With every 62-2 we produce, we’re reminded of the hard work and painstaking detail that’s gone into each and every car. Building a supercar is hard. Building a supercar company is harder. It’s fantastic that we are now able to share behind-the-scenes access to the full Radford story with the world! And what’s even more exciting… This is only just the beginning.” — stated Radford Co-Owner & CEO, Ant Anstead.

RADFORD REBORN follows the renaissance of a historic British automotive company helmed by a duo of globally-acclaimed performance vehicle aficionados and their partner and counsel, Roger Behle. Central to their mission of restoring Radford’s former glory is a challenge easier said than done; the successful update of the Lotus Type 62, one of the highest-performing sports machines to have ever hit the road. Offering exclusive all-access footage of the journey from concept design, to model fabrication, to automotive assembly; viewers can follow the progress of the prototype as it’s tested, tested, and tested again in the hands of a Formula One champion. RADFORD REBORN captures the tension and urgency associated with a race against the clock in the pursuit of creating a legend.


Radford Reborn Radford - Type 62-2 photo

“RADFORD REBORN in an engrossing look at the enormous challenges and significant pressures associated with updating one of the world’s classic automobiles. Featuring blue-chip production values, compelling storytelling, and authentic automotive history; RADFORD REBORN represents quintessential Speedvision programming. Ant Anstead and Jenson Button are both superstars in their fields and hugely charismatic characters who will resonate greatly with the Speedvision audience.” — stated Robert Scanlon, President and CEO of Speedvision.

Speedvision, the network brand that started the auto entertainment revolution, returned in October 2022 with high-octane programming that made it the standard against which all other vehicle media is measured. As a recognized network brand that originated the automotive lifestyle genre in the ’90s, Speedvision delivers a signature combination of highly-entertaining storytelling, iconic hosts, and premier production values, making it the preeminent destination for auto-passionate viewers.

Jenson Button and Ant Anstead

Jenson Button and Ant Anstead press photo

Speedvision viewers will exclusively watch as Anstead and Button create the most perfect version of this iconic vehicle with a modern spin. The goal for Radford’s Anstead and Button is ambitious, to design and deliver two versions of their Lotus Type 62-2. The sprint to the finish line comes with some unexpected twists and turns, however, as the team works tirelessly to maintain Radford’s British heritage. Shipping delays, scheduling conflicts, and culture clash all rear their ugly heads as the deadline looms near. Will the Radford team be successful in bringing its crown jewel to the United States and “The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering” at Monterey Car Week?


Radford Type 62-2 photo

Episode 1

Ant and Jenson go to the iconic Lotus headquarters to persuade the team that Radford Motors is the perfect partner to help them build their first-ever coachbuilt supercar, on the chassis of one of Lotus’ best-selling cars, the Exige. The team at Radford will have to come up with something unprecedented, as their first chance to enter the supercar market.

Episode 2

The first-ever Radford team meeting produces their first deadline, ‘The Quail,’ which is the pride of Pebble Beach car week and the most prestigious car show in the world, and it’s only 4 months from opening day. Is it possible to build one supercar in just four months let alone two?

Episode 3

Ant moves mountains in getting the Jenson’s newly lengthened chassis track ready to test drive. But Jenson has more design changes up his sleeve that will really test Ant’s building skills and the Radford budget.

Episode 4

With both of Radford’s new supercars having more power, the need to have stronger and thicker driveshafts becomes a problem for the current sub-frame which Ant soon realizes. Carbon panels arrive and cars need to be reassembled.   With these new adjustments looming will they make the deadline for The Quail?

Episode 5

With the carbon paneling nearing completion on the Gold Leaf Car and just under a month until the big reveal, the test piece of windscreen finally arrives from Croatia. Meanwhile, there are painting delays that need to be dealt with on the JPS car in order to get the ‘black candy’ coloring just right. With car royalty Chip Foose lending a hand,  it is a race to the finish for both cars to make it to Pebble Beach.

About Speedvision

Radford Type 62-2

Speedvision is the definitive automotive entertainment and lifestyle brand resurrected in 2022 to serve the passion of millions of vehicle enthusiasts.  With more than 500 hours of premium content featuring lean-forward storytelling, iconic hosts, and industry-standard production values, Speedvision is the ultimate destination for the absolute best in automotive, motorcycle, aviation, and boating content. Available at no cost as a free ad-supported television network, SPEEDVISION represents an optimal opportunity for advertisers to intersect directly with a deeply engaged viewership composed of authentic vehicle aficionados.

Speedvision is led by President and CEO, Robert Scanlon, an accomplished media industry leader with decades of experience in racing competition and automotive production. Scanlon’s past positions include head of motorsports at ESPN and ESPN2, co-founder of the original Speedvision, creator/president of Velocity (now MotorTrend) for Discovery Inc., and senior production at ABC Sports. Scanlon has been recognized with nine National Sports Emmy Awards, including Best Live Sports Series for coverage of NASCAR, INDYCAR, and Formula One.

Radford Type 62-2 photo

Branding and promotional services are provided by the creative content studio, AlterEgo. Visit SpeedvisionNetwork.com for more information on network programming, information on how to watch SPEEDVISION, and to sign up for email updates. SPEEDVISION is @speedvisiontv on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

About Radford

Radford Type 62-2

Radford is a global luxury automotive brand with a British heart and soul, creating on-trend vehicles based on classic timeless designs. It draws on the heritage and craftsmanship of Harold Radford, the creator of countless bespoke vehicles who founded Radford in 1948, to offer customers opulent coachbuilt and personalized cars.

All Radford automobiles will be created around the company’s motto: Design. Build. Drive. The build process is overseen by Radford co-owner TV star, renowned car builder, and automotive craftsman, Ant Anstead. 2009 Formula OneTM World Champion, Jenson Button, is responsible for meticulously tuning each car to offer a superlative driving experience for every Radford client. This is all underpinned by leading business expert Roger Behle. For more information on the Type 62-2, visit the Radford website.

About Lugnut

Radford Type 62-2

Lugnut is a television and film production company founded by multi-award-winning partners, Jake Cardew and Ed Sanders. Over the last decade, they have established themselves as the gold standard of the automotive space. Taking the reins on the UK show, Wheeler Dealers, when it made its move to America, they oversaw its rise in popularity as it became the no.1 rated show on Discovery networks worldwide and also the no.1 car show on the planet. Their most recent commissions include Ant Anstead’s Master Mechanic and Mike Brewer’s World of Cars.

In between their own TV projects, the team at Lugnut has offered up their production skills to be the eyes, ears, and hands for British and European production companies needing production support on the ground in the western states of America. Their clients include Discovery, BBC, BT Sports, and Hulu.

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