Rachel B - “Touch Myself photo

Rachel B unveils a sensual music video for her “Touch Myself” single

Rachel B is an up-and-coming Pittsburgh, PA-based singer-songwriter from Traverse City, Michigan. Not too long ago, she unveiled a sensual music video for her “Touch Myself” single.

Rachel B – “Touch Myself” music video

“And when no one’s around, I let the rain fall down. They used to hold me back but now I stand my ground. I let it wash away the pain of yesterday. It wasn’t serving me and, babe, I’m not the same. I touch myself (like I wish they would). I love myself (like I wish they would). They come and go but, oh, I’m learning to make myself feel good.” – lyrics

‘Touch Myself’ tells a self-pleasurable tale of a woman who relies on her fingers to make herself feel good. Apparently, she puts them to work whenever she desires for the wind to hit her sails.  

‘Touch Myself’ serves as Rachel B’s most intimate statement yet. Also, the song is a fantastic presentation to what listeners can expect to hear on her upcoming 10-track album, produced by Frankie Biggz (a double Grammy Award-winning producer).

Rachel B

Rachel B - “Touch Myself” photo

“‘Touch Myself’ is a song about self-exploration, discovery, and learning to love yourself. I wanted the music video to represent the process and growth that comes along with self-discovery. Flowers seemed like the perfect metaphor because like humans they need to be watered, tended to, and experience the right amount of light to bloom. This song is about literally touching yourself, but it’s more than that. It’s a love song to myself that I hope inspires others to love and touch themselves. And, maybe, in that process of connecting with themselves, it will even bring them closer to their loved ones.” – Rachel B

“Touch Myself” single

Rachel B - “Touch Myself” cover

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