Queen Naija

Queen Naija performs an acoustic version of her “Karma” single [Vevo]

Queen Naija is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. Not too long ago, Vevo released an in-studio video of her performing an acoustic version of her “Karma” single.

Queen Naija – “Karma”

“So you don’t gotta worry ’bout me. You made it clear that you’re unhappy. Go ahead and have your fun now. Just remember what goes around, comes around.” – lyrics

The Micah Bickham-directed video finds Naija seated on a stool, singing in front of a microphone. Seated next to her is a male musician playing guitar.

Queen Naija

Queen Naija

“I’m just letting him know, ‘I might be sad right now, you might be happy, but the table’s gonna turn.’ While it makes me feel good that other women can relate to what I’m writing, it makes me feel bad that they have to go through it.”

Not too long ago, Naija released the official music video for her “Karma” single. Check it out below.

Queen Naija – “Karma”

“Karma” tells a story about a woman who’s been through a troublesome relationship. It turned sour after her ex-man started making money and got a sudden case of amnesia. He replaced Naija with a bunch of promiscuous women. So she applauded him for doing that by saying, “Congratulations to you, what you wanted is what you got now.”

The video was captured inside Capitol Records’ Studio A. It finds Queen Naija in a pinstripe outfit singing her heart out about overcoming a failed relationship.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold and karma is when a person’s actions decide their fate.”

We recommend adding Queen Naija’s “Karma” to your personal playlist.

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