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Polytonics reworks Adamski’s & Seal’s classic single, entitled, “Killer”

Polytonics is a mysterious underground production outfit. Not too long ago, they released their debut single, entitled, “Killer”, a rework of Adamski’s and Seal’s 1990 classic tune bearing the same name.

Polytonics – “Killer” with Seal

“’Killer’ maintains all the magic of the original while refreshing it for 21st-century ears.”

Polytonics’ reworked version of “Killer” finds music legend Seal delivering all-new state-of-the-art vocals.

The dance-floor friendly tune differs from the stripped-back original which incorporated a keyboard and Roland TR-909 drum machine.

The Polytonics version adds more elements into the mix, ramping up the bass. Also, throwing in some unruly sirens before climaxing with a mammoth drop.

Seal & Adamski – “Killer” original music video 

The original version, released almost 30 years ago, was considered to be Adamski’s breakthrough single.

Also, the song became a major UK hit which peaked at #1 and spent four weeks at the top of the UK Singles Chart in May and June 1990.

In total, the single sold over 400,000 copies in the UK, earning it a BPI Gold certification.

Polytonics – “Killer” with Seal

Polytonics - “Killer” (with Seal) cover art

Detailing the origins of the track in a 2013 interview with The Guardian, Adamski recounted that Seal had seen him perform at an illegal rave in 1989 and handed a demo tape to Adamski’s MC Daddy Chester immediately afterward.

Both Adamski and Chester were impressed and soon invited Seal into the studio with them for what would become “Killer”.

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