Police brutality in America: college research, causes, and solutions

To maintain public order, police officers in America can use irresistible coercive power that law enforcement brutality refers to as the use of force. It leads to the persecution of citizens and their restriction of freedom. People who fall under this influence are unhappy with how they are treated.

According to studies, police officers are more likely to commit a crime because of the violent nature of their work. They are constantly faced with dangerous situations where they have to be fierce. However, they must learn to carry out their duties responsibly to reduce the number of police brutality cases. 

Police brutality

In today’s society, there are many examples of police brutality. It is because such cases are no exception and cause great concern among the population. In college, students are faced with understanding this topic and writing essays. Fortunately, students can find a persuasive essay on police brutality and see many examples. Thanks to this, they can quickly complete the task for a good assessment, save time, and obtain better study solutions to police brutality.

What is police brutality?

On the part of law enforcement agencies, the use of power is necessary to ensure police officers’ safety and preserve control. However, excessive use of force is one form of brutality. There are about six types of police brutality:

  • False arrest;
  • False imprisonment;
  • Unreasonable search;
  • Neglect of the rights of people who are in prison;
  • Excessive strength;
  • Intentional prosecution;

What drives the police to use brutality?

There are many options for why the police resort to brutality. Sometimes, brutality occurs as a result of unlawful actions on the part of citizens. But other human factors can affect this situation. One of these moments is the feeling of power and impunity resulting from acting with the laws. To solve this problem, it should be considered in detail, and then society will surely be able to find a reasonable solution to the problem.

One factor in police brutality is fear

The work of law enforcement agencies such as the police is stressful and makes them worry about their own lives. Despite the presence of heightened awareness in dangerous situations, fear can take over the top and lead to the consequences of increased cruelty on their part. Fear causes unconscious and unintentional actions in a person instead of defusing the situation. Based on this, one of the factors of police brutality in America is fear.

Discrimination and racism

The cruelty of the police can be manifested, unfortunately, also because of a biased attitude towards different groups of people. A person negatively perceives additional individuals who are different from him. They, without knowing it, may be discriminatory against minorities or other groups due to the human factor laid down at a subconscious level. When a police officer sees another person who is very different from him, he subconsciously begins to fear him. Because of this, they may inadvertently apply cruelty to people of another race or minority group.

Problems that can be systematically observed in the police

When an individual observes impunity for the actions of another person, he begins to do them. People can copy the behavior of others with whom they communicate and interact closely. This problem is relevant in many industries. If in the police, one of the employees regularly uses cruelty, and there is no punishment for this, then others begin to do the same.

Proposed solutions to police brutality

The outrage in society marked the beginning of constant discussions about how to solve this problem. People have offered many options in search of what measures can be taken. Not only those victims of police brutality took part in these discussions, but also many qualified specialists. Some of the proposals have already been implemented, while others are in preparation for implementation.

Additional requirements for police training and education

Many studies have shown that if a police officer has higher education, then he has fewer complaints. They are also less prone to illegal activities. A society working to end cruelty suggests they must be taught at least a bachelor’s degree.

Mental health check

The work of a police officer can traumatize their psychological state due to dangerous situations. It causes the consequence of cruelty on their part. To avoid this problem, society offers regular psychological checks. In addition to this, you can add an increase in awareness in stressful situations. Then, the number of complaints will be many times less.


There are numerous cases of police brutality. Some studies prove this and show it over a long time. Many citizens express concern about this and offer solutions to the problem, which are gradually being implemented. The US can drastically reduce brutality by taking action in the form of higher education graduates and regular mental health checks.

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