Poise - “Marble” press photo
Photo Credit: Lissyelle Laricchia

Discover Poise’s “Marble” Single featuring Half Waif

Poise (@poise_band a.k.a. Lucie Murphy) is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a new indie-pop single, “Marble,” featuring Half Waif.

Poise – “Marble” visualizer featuring Half Waif

“Making the song was my first foray into the pop sphere. In lieu of technical skill, I learned to trust my taste and gut instincts while producing and arranging. One of my key influences in this process was my friend, Nandi Rose’s project, Half Waif (ANTI-). I’ve known Nandi for nearly a decade; she has been such an inspiration to me as a songwriter and woman in the music industry. I was thrilled when she agreed to collaborate on the song with me. Nandi wrote and recorded her part 9 months pregnant, completing it just days before her son, River, was born. It was auspicious timing and I’m amazed at how much beauty women can bring into the world.” – Poise explained

“Marble” marks a shift in Poise’s musical journey. It is the first track where Poise is revealing herself as a pop star. With industrial, syncopated beats, Poise and Half Waif let their voices flow over the jagged edges as the perfect balm. Like the song’s namesake, “Marble” is smoothed and expertly carved into a singular piece of art. Poise sings, “No one here got a story that looks like mine. Lower East Side, Dad is out getting high, again.” Marble serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear on Poise’s upcoming sophomore album, “Hell or High Water.”

Poise – “Hell or High Water”

Poise - Marble (feat. Half Waif)
Artwork Credit: Lissyelle Laricchia

While working on “Hell or High Water,” Poise exacted her emotional truth, taking a meticulous look at her reflection and the shadows within it. Written over two years, and fueled by an intentional and contemplative process, the Poise project continues to investigate the changing shape of grief, while also touching on the anxieties of aging, the loyalties of bonded relationships, and the vulnerabilities that surface when we shed our protective layers.

The upcoming album boasts numerous collaborations, namely ANTI–’s Katy Kirby and Half Waif (Nandi Rose) as well as rock duo Toledo, and presents an expert blend of early ‘00s indie and pop sensibilities. Fueled by urgent reflection and tenacity, “Hell or High Water” is a guide in perseverance and nerve and a monument of the rewards that come when we finally––and fully––embrace ourselves and our desires.

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