Piga is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Stavanger, a city and municipality in southwestern Norway. Not too long ago, she released her debut single, entitled, “Counting Stars”, produced by Steve Stout.

Piga – “Counting Stars” single

“I wrote ‘Counting Stars’ one night when I could not sleep. I picked up my guitar and wrote the lyrics, ‘Would you take, take, take me away for a while? Would you turn out the lights inside my mind?’ Then I went back to bed and finished the song the day after.” – Piga

‘Counting Stars’ contains a dreamy storyline, soft folk vocals, and chill instrumentation perfumed with a reflective indie-rock vibration. Also, the wintry song is relaxing in nature with a nostalgic feel. Think—being wrapped in a cozy, layered blanket while in the warm presence of an active fireplace. 

Piga – “Counting Stars”

Piga press photo

Photo by Vegard Barmala

Piga’s musical journey started when she was thirteen-years-old. At that time, she was as a drummer who played in various pop/rock bands. By the time she was 18, she was already writing songs with words and melodies to the season of life that she existed in. Within no time, more and more of her songs came to life, and ‘Counting Stars’ is the first one to be published.

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