Peach Rings

Peach Rings releases their ‘feel-good’ debut single, entitled, “Summertime”

Peach Rings is an alternative-pop anonymous duo. Not too long ago, they released their ‘feel-good’ debut single, entitled, “Summertime”.  

Peach Rings – “Summertime”

“I took way too much drugs before I came here. Brought my rainbow medications so I think clear. You don’t look like that same girl that I done last year. Feels like everything I earned I got with no fear.” – lyrics

“Summertime” is the first single from Peach Rings’ debut EP, entitled, “Candyland Vol. 1”. The song contains computer-altered vocals, dreamy melodies, and hypnotic instrumentation embedded with a splash of reverberations

Also, it takes place at an exclusive pool party in the summertime, where young people are chilling poolside, having a great time enjoying life. Some of the females have on diamonds rings and Gucci flip-flops on their feet. The party feels better than alright. Matter of fact, it’s beyond LIT. Drugs and alcohol are present in abundance. Fellas converse with the females they desire, while others swim in a pool filled with young desirable women.

The vibe is great and everyone is enjoying their laughter, knowing in a few weeks they will be back in school. Also, most of the people there will probably never see each other ever again.

Peach Rings ” Summertime”

Peach Rings

“This is for the last pool parties of Summer. A soundtrack for creating memories and forgetting them.” – Peach Rings 🍑💍

We recommend adding Peach Ring’s “Summertime” single to your personal music playlist.

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