Pat Stay versus Bigg K battle at King of the Dot’s #MASS3 event. The rap battle was entertaining with memorable jokes and witty punchlines. And the two battlers settled their differences in a combative way.

Pay Stay versus Bigg K


“Back crack, back slap, swell up his lips for trying to act black. I don’t give a f*ck if you from Virginia you ass crack. I’ll bring that metal down to the V like a rat trap. Pat Stay mothaf*cka. Get ya ass sprayed like a bidet mothaf*cka.”

Pay Stay versus Bigg K


“And you cut hair in them boots? How much you paid? I seen your work on the gram. It’s looking custom made. I wouldn’t let ya big-goofy ass touch the blade. So, I guess you right d*ckhead, I don’t want the fade.”

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