Pastel is a London-based producer/multi-instrumentalist and Maydien is a Dutch vocalist. Not too long ago, they released a bouncy pop tune, entitled, “G.T.F.O.H.”.

Pastel & Maydien – “G.T.F.O.H.”

“You look so good you make ni^^as wanna vomit on the shoelace. You saw it coming though, you give ‘em two face. Kill ‘em with skill and a beautiful smile. Attitude up like altitude high.” – lyrics

‘G.T.F.O.H.’ tells the tale of a guy who feels good about himself and living his best life. The song contains a celebratory storyline, melodic vocals, and harmonious instrumentation embedded with hip-hop, future soul, and electro-funk elements.


Maydien & Pastel

“When I heard Pastel’s instrumental, I instantly started smiling, thinking of palm trees, and saw myself walking through a big angry group of people minding my own business.” – Maydien

Maydien has received support from Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, Snoop Dogg, and Anderson. Paak. His break came in 2014 when he became ‘1 of the 12 of 3Voor12’ and ‘Oor Magazine’s one of the 14 most talented artists of 2014’.


Maydien & Pastel

“The creative process for ‘G.T.F.O.H.’ was actually very straight forward and natural. I already had the idea for the guitar and bass-line, which I sent through to Maydien for him to record vocals and he nailed it on the first try.” – Pastel

Pastel grew up in the South of France. So far, he has created remixes for Camila Cabello, Bazzi, Jarreau Vandal, and Young Franco. Also, he has maintained a constant stream of original recordings and collaborations with rappers/vocalists from around the world.

We recommend adding Pastel’s & Maydien’s “G.T.F.O.H.” single to your personal playlist.

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