Party Nails

Party Nails scents the airwaves with a sugary tune, entitled, “My 404”

Party Nails is the moniker of LA-based alternative-pop singer Elana Belle Carroll. Not too long ago, she released “My 404”, a sugary tune from her upcoming “Past Lives and Paychecks” project.

Party Nails – “My 404”

“My 404” is an eccentric track which features punchy synth clouds, glittering melodies, and vibrant soundscapes.

Party Nails

Party Nails

“Party Nails was performing original Americana at the age of 11. By the time she was 15, she was writing country music. At 18, she wrote and self-produced her first solo project, entitled, ‘Vernous’. Also, she draws inspiration from artists such as Dolly Parton, Sheryl Crow, and SZA.”

The singer’s upcoming project consists of her previous experiences. Also, it entertains the idea that two people could have met before in a past lifetime, or might meet again in the future.

The idea of past lives also refers to reoccurring themes, such as money and power, love and heartbreak, loss or death, and a higher power. These are all important aspects of humanity that seem to play a role in our lives regardless of what era we are in.

Not too long ago, Party Nails spoke about her musical influences and her upcoming project.

“On this album, I really tried to achieve a blend of SZA and Robyn, with bittersweet writing, some dance vibes, some sad vibes and a very real and raw anti-diva singing them. I wanted to create an album of memorable songs that landed all across the spectrum of alternative pop. I wanted it to feel fresh, but not too trendy”.

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