Parish f/t + Daphne Willis – “Release” copy

Parish f/t & Daphne Willis drops a spunky pop tune, entitled, “Release”

Parish f/t is best known as Lincoln Parish, former Cage The Elephant’s guitarist. Daphne Willis is a pop artist out of Nashville, Tennessee. Not too long ago, they dropped “Release”, a spunky pop tune from Parish f/t’s solo project.

Parish f/t + Daphne Willis – “Release”

“I just need some release, I know it. I just need some release. Let go. Got a chain around my neck the weight ain’t gonna drag me down. No, I just need some release.” – lyrics.

‘Release’ tells the tale of a woman who’s having a panic attack. She refuses to take drugs to cure it, paces back and forth in her house, and contemplates her next move. By the moment, she’s going out of her mind and the pressure is building up inside her chest.

She has no choice but to find an alternative way to release her pressure or it’s going to destroy her from inside out. She’s a fighter so she refuses for the pressure to weight her down. She looks for ways to release her stress so she can exhale and breathe again.

‘Release’ contains a relatable narrative, shimmery vocals, and an energetic instrumentation perfumed with a nostalgic ‘80s-inspired pop scent.

Parish f/t & Daphne Willis – “Release”

Parish f/t + Daphne Willis – “Release” copy

“‘Release’ has all of my favorite elements of music combined in one track: A killer vocal from Daphne Willis, a hypnotic bass line, and nostalgic elements from the past that give us something a bit familiar but leaves us trying to put our finger on it.” – Parish f/t, producer

At the age of 15, Parish f/t became the lead guitarist in Cage The Elephant and found himself quickly thrust into the spotlight. Three albums and countless world tours later, he exited the band to pursue an evolving solo career. He settled in Nashville, where Willis resides, and quickly established himself as a go-to writer and producer for artists including Lucinda Williams, Run River North, The Moxies, and more.

Initially, Parish f/t was an accident, a musical lab experiment that worked. The project capitalizes on unintended results to great effect, bringing together a roster of featured vocalists. The debut single, “What I Need”, features vocals from American Idol alum Paul McDonald.

We recommend adding Parish f/t’s & Daphne Willis’  “Release” single to your personal playlist.

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