Paloma Ford press photo by Jessica Quezada
Photo by Jessica Quezada

Paloma Ford stars in designer Tia Adeola’s “Black Is Beautiful” fashion film

Paloma Ford is an R&B singer-songwriter from Long Beach, California. Not too long ago, she starred in designer Tia Adeola’s “Black Is Beautiful” fashion film also featuring (rapper/songwriter) Flo Milli and more.

Paloma Ford – Tia Adeola’s “Black Is Beautiful” fashion film

“‘Black is Beautiful’ has many messages and inspiring undertones that can be highlighted. I love that even though the story showed a rivalry. A protagonist and antagonist. Tia was adamant in not showcasing a real victor. It wasn’t about that. In fact, you see us all come together at the end, which is the real message to women. We come together and we all win. She concludes this beautiful story by depicting strong Black, beautiful, confident women draped in elegant pieces. A literal depiction of style and grace. This is Tia’s brand messaging at its core, but she always finds another way to outdo herself.” Paloma Ford told Vogue

Designer Tia Adeola debuts her Spring/Summer 2021 collection for her namesake label alongside a fashion film titled “Black is Beautiful” (Le Noir Est Beau). A continued exploration of Renaissance art and historical studies. The film showcases a heavy influence from Sofia Coppola’s 2006 film, Marie Antoinette. But reinterpreted to feature an all-Black female cast.

Paloma Ford

Paloma Ford BTS press photo

‘Black is Beautiful’ was created as a celebration of Black women, Black culture, and Black fashion, fused with a classical art narrative that frequently leaves them out. Directed and produced through the lens of Renaissance epicureanism and indulgent luxury, “Black is Beautiful” serves as both a social commentary and fantastical escapism.

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