P9Five releases “I-65” song featuring Mr. Notebook

P9Five is a rapper outta Bessemer, Alabama. Not too long ago, he released “I-65”, a dope song off his “Beginner’s Luck” mixtape featuring Mr. Notebook. The thudding beat and smooth lyrics had us bopping our heads. The song’s laidback sound reminded us of T.I. mixed with Outcast.

We caught up with P9Five and this is what he had to say:

What’s the meaning behind your name?

P9Five: The “P” is the first letter of my name. And the 9Five (95) comes from my birth year, 1995.

What’s life like in Bessemer?

P: It can be better. But I can’t complain. Someone on the outside looking in might say it’s a bad environment. But it’s not that bad. I love my city.

Who’s Mr. Notebook?

P: He’s my first cousin. He’s the reason I started rapping.

What’s the meaning behind your “I-65” song?


P: “I-65” is a song that came together when I was on the interstate. The meaning is very clear. It’s not a club banger. It’s a song where you can cruise with your lady friend, and take your mind off today’s trouble.

What are you currently working on?

P: I’m working on more original sounds so I can expand more and get paid off. I’m also working on “Beginner’s Luck”, my first solo mixtape. It should be coming to you soon.

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