Oscar Stembridge press photo on stage performing
Photo by PJ Lindqvist

Oscar Stembridge releases an honest pop-rock tune, entitled, “Don’t Lie to Me”

Oscar Stembridge is a 14-year-old Swedish singer-songwriter and multi-talented musician (piano, drums, ukulele, guitar). Not too long ago, he released an honest pop-rock tune, entitled, “Don’t Lie to Me.”

Oscar Stembridge – “Don’t Lie to Me” single

“I know everything you don’t want me to know. It doesn’t make it sweeter when you sugarcoat. Don’t lie to me ‘cause a beautiful smile doesn’t mean anything in hell. And my skin starts to crawl, the pain you caused. I’m drowning but you wouldn’t know – so who should I call? Don’t keep me safe, can we meet in the real place? Where life’s tough, love sucks, sh*t happens and it hurts. Looking through the cracks of a broken phone. I’m living in a town full of broken homes. Don’t lie to me.” – lyrics

‘Don’t Lie to Me’ finds Oscar Stembridge addressing the fact that he doesn’t like to be lied to. Apparently, he knows everything that people don’t want him to know and much more. Later, he admits, “(I’m) sick and tired of you’ll be fine. You say that it’s gonna be alright when the world is on fire. Go to sleep, but I can’t fall. You say that it’s gonna be alright but it’s not at all.”

Not too long ago, Oscar Stembridge was invited to be a part of Climate Live 2021 in Sweden. He wrote “Don’t Lie to Me” especially for that event. Shortly after, he performed the song on Fridays For Future, which Greta Thunberg invited him to.

“A beautiful smile doesn’t mean anything in hell.”

Oscar Stembridge press photo holding a guitar
Photo by Mattias Tengblad

“‘Don’t Lie to Me’ is a message from my generation to big businesses and governments who continue to sugarcoat and lie about the facts in front of us. Three years ago, I stood on a stage in front of 60,000 people singing my song, “We March,” calling for a change in policies to address the climate issues we face. ‘Don’t Lie to Me’ is about how we feel today. More anger, more realism, and represents what my generation feels about those in charge. I know everything you don’t want me to know.” – Oscar Stembridge explained

Oscar Stembridge is one of the most exciting talents to emerge from Sweden and the youngest artist signed with Universal Music in Sweden. Already, he has built a global online following, and he has performed for the Swedish Royal Family in front of millions of TV viewers.

It’s safe to say that Oscar cares deeply about our planet. He is a climate activist with FridaysForFuture and an official ambassador for TogetherBand and SurfersAgainstSewage. As part of Climate Live’s efforts to raise awareness and pressure governments into action, Oscar performed a guerrilla concert outside the Swedish Parliament.

“Don’t Lie to Me” single

Oscar Stembridge - “Don't Lie to Me” song cover art

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