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First, you gotta submit to the best Spotify playlists to get your song heard. This is a given. In the beginning, don’t expect to get on playlists like Digster or Filtr. Even though it’s curated by Spotify, your chances of getting on these are extremely low. Therefore, use the Ultimate Spotify Promotion Guide for more information.

These are owned by top record labels (Sony, Warner, Universal)

Of course, record labels can’t allow themselves to not have leverage. It’s only natural that Spotify music promotion is used by huge labels as well. It’s because it’s that effective.

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Small Spotify playlists are killer too! This is because they’re more targeted in your niche. A good strategy is to go general + specific. Make sure your legit Spotify promotion is something that you can control!

Do you want to increase your chances of getting on a playlist or not? If so, you need to listen to the playlist and select a good one. We suggest putting the playlist on shuffle play and listening for these key factors:

  • Tempo
  • Bass
  • Speechiness

Really, it’s all by ear. If anything you can ask your five closest musically-inclined homies to put your music in a sub-category and use that as a good measure.


Don’t forget curators are humans too. They are bound to make judgments and biases. Therefore, you must always take this into account when submitting for organic Spotify promotion.

You may not like this, but you may have to choose a more playlist-friendly song when submitting. There’s a good chance if a curator does not like the first 30 seconds, then fans won’t either.

Without playlists, your Spotify promotion campaign will most likely be a major bust! Curators give reviews as well, so by submitting you’re getting valuable feedback.

Here are some things to ask the curator

  • How long did you listen to the track?
  • Did you scrub through the song as well?
  • Do you think I should add/remove some aspects?

It’s rare that curators will keep talking to you after the initial response. Read more info on this in the Ultimate Spotify Promotion Guide.



Ever wonder how to get on Discover Weekly? There are a couple of ways. Since Discover Weekly is an algorithmic playlist, you need the Spotify promotion algorithms on your side.

Getting on Independent Playlists provides the data that Spotify uses. One of the ways Spotify indexes your song data into categories is through the song’s elements itself (tempo, BPM, speechless, danceability, genre, etc.)

Not only that, but it also takes the LISTENER’s data into account.

What does that mean? If 10 people listen to 10 Ed Sheeran songs a day, then one of yours… Who do you think Spotify will most likely push it to?

You got it, the Sheeran community 😎

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Make sure that you get your profile verified as well. EVERY artist in my Discover Weekly has been verified (I checked) so there is reason to believe that Spotify promotes verified artists much harder.

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For the best tips to get on Discover Weekly, check the Ultimate Spotify Promotion Guide!


You need to post about your new release on social media, of course. Your social media post caption must be pure banter about your song release. Tell a funny or relatable story that will get people to read. Also, share the pre-save link on your bio link.

Tools such as can do this for you. Have it set up in your bio, so all of your followers can be redirected to your music. Check the Ultimate Spotify Promotion Guide for content ideas for indie musicians. Ideally, you want to make a post every day (either story or feed) to entice your followers to check out your song.

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You can claim your promotion post HERE. This is pretty effective, and since it’s a free Spotify promotion, it’s well worth it.


Spotify canvas changes your song and makes it much more memorable. You should have a canvas for EVERY release. Listeners are more enticed to see who you are.

You’re shining out like a golden egg. 🥚

Here are examples of canvas that match the song vibes:

Canvas tips:

  • Warmer colors for happy songs
  • Black and white for lyrical songs
  • Cool colors for mellow songs

Claim your Spotify canvas HERE

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The music game is long and hard. Therefore, you should take a long-term approach, and use streams as a benchmark for fanbase growth! Read the Ultimate Spotify Promotion Guide for little-known Spotify marketing tactics.

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Don’t be discouraged. Use a series such a Boost Collective to ensure your success!

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