Opāru releases a music video for her “The Deep End” single

Opāru is the musical endeavor of Dianna St. Hilaire, a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a music video for “The Deep End”, a love song to her beloved.

“Deep End”

The Deep End is about a unique equality between two people. It’s on an emotional and physical level, with our survivability paired with our own hopes and dreams. Also, that’s how we can make them a reality for each other by helping one another to change the world.”



“My music represents pure animalistic-human emotion. It epitomizes what it’s like to be human. By transcending the human experience with self-discovery. Also, the acceptance of who we are on an emotional level.”

Opāru’s name derived from opal, which is the name of a Japanese birthstone. Its roots stem from experimental electronic, ‘80s synth pop, and alternative rock.

In conclusion, with the success of her first single, “Remember Me”, and the ever-growing fan base and media attention, the artist is ready for the next chapter of her musical journey.

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