Olivia May

Olivia May releases a powerful music video for her “Ruins” single

Olivia May is an indie-pop singer-songwriter outta Fresno, California. Not too long ago, she released a powerful music video for “Ruins”, a single from her “Don’t Look” album.

Olivia May – “Ruins”

The JP Hanson-directed video shows May dressed in black, representing mourning and repentance. Also, dancers Tina Hidai and Brien Rich symbolize the heathens living in anarchy.

“We the people have the power. We can do this. It’s time to stand up for what’s right. Ain’t no revolution happen overnight.” – May

Olivia May

May uses her voice to empower listeners who are going through familiar struggles that she faced. Her album, “Don’t Look,” expresses growth, awareness, and self-expression. 

Our favorite song on May’s album is “Miami“, an Alternative/Rock tune filled with optimism and adventure. The song serves as a motivator to those who need a little push getting out there in the world.

Also, the song encourages listeners, who are tired of doing the same thing over and over again, to try something new and out of their comfort zone.

Olivia May

Olivia May

“Jump on a bus head out East. See where this crazy life takes me. There so much other states I ain’t seen. I ain’t seen Miami.”

In conclusion, we don’t know what other places May haven’t seen. But one thing is for sure, her “Don’t Look” album is worth listening to.

“Don’t Look” Album

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