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Ojo releases a smooth tropical-world tune, entitled, “I.J.G.B”

Ojo is a Nigerian born singer-songwriter/rapper based in Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, he released a smooth tropical-world tune, entitled, “I.J.G.B”.

Ojo – “I.J.G.B”

“We’ll make it work right now ‘cause I got that perfect timing. Put the power in your hands right now, let you know when I’m arriving. I rep wherever I go. I said I’m from where they don’t know snow. They know cash, spend and make it back. You know that’s a fact, girl.” – lyrics

“I.J.G.B” contains a relatable storyline, melodic vocals, and vibey-summer instrumentation flavored with tropical and hip-hop elements.

“I.J.G.B” single

Ojo - “I.J.G.B” artwork

“A track to describe the feelings behind a Christmas trip to Lagos, Nigeria. A lot of hopes and plans for enjoyment. An ‘I.J.G.B’ is a term used among Nigerian youth to describe a person who lives in a different country but has returned to their home country.” – Ojo

Ojo’s music has been described as a psychedelic blend of hip-hop and contemporary R&B.

His ear-welcoming sound sets a mood at 2 AM in the morning and it consists of lyrical raps and harmonious melodies.

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