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Experience Drug Addiction through the Veins of OG Bobby Billions’ “Perky’s For The Pain” Single

OG Bobby Billions (@ogbobbybillions) is a popular singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer from Dallas, Texas. Not too long ago, he released a sensational R&B single, “Perky’s For The Pain.”

OG Bobby Billions – “Perky’s For The Pain” single

“Lord, I can’t live this way, but I just can’t put these pills away. I’ve been going through it, but this poison makes me feel okay. Perky’s for the pain, umbrellas for the rain. Sometimes we gotta medicate or we’ll go insane. Poison helps me feel alive, needle in my vein, pray one day I’ll break away, freedom from these chains.” – lyrics

“Perky’s For The Pain” depicts a dark and painful tale about a recovering drug addict’s struggle to break free from his addiction. With great passion, OG Bobby Billions sings, “I need to stop but I can’t shake this sh*t to save my life. I need just one more hit to ease my mind. I gotta cleanse my soul, this high is getting cold. I tell myself I’m done, and I need one more blow. I feel it in my bones, now, I’m not so alone. I might be sick, but I just really like this feeling.”

“Perky’s For The Pain” is one of the best songs released this year in the urban R&B musical genre. It single-handedly captures the unadulterated reality of a drug addict’s struggle and offers a vivid glimpse into a crazy world that inhabits its tenants with great pain and life-long regrets. OG Bobby Billions hits the ball out of the park with this song that will surely resonate well with fans of Rod Wave, NoCap, and Future.

“Someday, I’ll be free.”

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