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Experience the Empowering Sound of Oakland Rain’s New Indie-Folk Single, “Sister Hymn”

Oakland Rain (@oaklandrain) Maren and Charlotte Wallevik) is a talented twin-sister duo from Norway. Not too long ago, they released a lovely indie-folk single, “Sister Hymn,” via Oakland Rain Music.

Oakland Rain – “Sister Hymn” single

With “Sister Hymn,” Oakland Rain invites listeners to join them on a journey of empowerment, unity, and celebration. As the world commemorates International Women’s Day, the duo’s message resonates as a beacon of hope and solidarity for audiences worldwide.

A celebration of sisterhood and a tribute to the women who have paved the way for future generations, “Sister Hymn” promises to captivate audiences with its infectious beat, rhythmic vocals, and goosebumps-inducing harmony refrains. The track embodies a self-explanatory paean with gospel vibes, resonating deeply with themes of empowerment and unity. It invites individuals from all walks of life to join the ongoing fight for equality while celebrating the strength found in sisterhood worldwide.

“Sister Hymn” marks a new chapter for Oakland Rain, drawing inspiration from an elegant, Americana earthiness that pays homage to the duo’s maternal grandfather, a devoted fan of American Country and folk music. Oakland Rain infused the song with their signature Simon & Garfunkel-like interlace of harmony vocals, showcasing their musical prowess and unique bond.

Oakland Rain

Oakland Rain press photo

Reflecting on their upbringing and the formative experiences that shaped their artistry, Oakland Rain spent a transformative year in Northern California, where the seeds of Oakland Rain were planted. Their shared journey, marked by contrasts and paradoxes, informs their music, as evidenced by their upcoming double full-length debut, “Twin Flames.” The project, set to be released in two parts, explores the complexities of identity through a conceptual and thoughtfully curated project organized by color and genre.

“Twin Flame Part 1: The Evergreen,” scheduled for release in August 2024, highlights Oakland Rain’s affinity for earthy Americana, while “Twin Flame Part 2: Heavenly Blue,” slated for spring 2025, delves into Nordic fleeting alternative pop, showcasing the duo’s versatility and artistic evolution.

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“Sister, sister won’t you sing with me in this man’s world of patriarchy? Sister, sister we’ll build another table, order up another round, cheers to the resistance.” – lyrics

In a society challenging our thought patterns, actions, and curiosity, Oakland Rain believes in music and art to express feelings, questions, joy, frustration, and last but not least how it is to be young and hopeful. Growing up along the southern coast of Norway, the twin sisters have been surrounded by fresh air and space for creativity and writing. Their music is rooted in the acoustic singer/songwriter genre, and the sound of Oakland Rain has that organic feel inspired by the Nashville scene. Their live performances have gained attention, with critics calling their songs truly authentic and honest.

Since their debut at Sørveiv in 2014, Oakland Rain has released 5 Eps and they have toured in Europe and the US, played showcase festivals in Norway and abroad, and developed a timeless yet youthful soundscape. Their many releases have gained a loyal following, and the sisters stay ambitious about challenging themselves in different projects, making them an interesting act to keep an eye on.

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