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A Closer Look into NSB’s “Cydia” Album and their New “Jet Black” Single

NSB (North Star Boys) is a trending Asian-American boy group. Not too long ago, they released their much-anticipated second full-length album, “Cydia.” The seven-track album showcases the group’s versatility and emotional depth, marking a significant milestone in their careers. Back in April (2024), NSB released their main track “Jet Black,” which garnered attention from fans from their 55+ million social media followers.

NSB – “Jet Black” (Official Music Video)

“Jet Black” is a dark yet catchy song that highlights NSB’s commanding presence and confidence. Along with the lead single, the group explores youthful recklessness and the excitement of young love in “Never Did This Before.” Sunshine offers a more emotional and softer touch with heartwarming lyrics.

NSB – “BUG” (Official Music Video)

NSB continues the romantic theme with “You Are My Star,” which beautifully captures the feeling of being in love. “Bug” is an unforgettable song that delves into the idea of being lovesick but they will not have it any other way. In the smooth R&B track “Cydia,” the lyrics reflect on growing and sharing experiences, and most importantly, healing and moving on from the past. Finally, “Nocturnal,” infused with Spanish lyrics, adds a more passionate and sensual vibe to the album.

NSB – “Cydia” album

NSB - “Cydia” album cover

The first Asian-American content and music group, North Star Boys (NSB) was founded in August 2021 by Oliver and Sebastian Moy. In just a short time, they have stolen the hearts of millions and millions of fans across major social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

NSB’s presence on social media continues to grow globally with over 55 million followers across Instagram,​ ​YouTube,​ ​Twitter,​ TikTok, Facebook, and more. The group consists of eight members including the founders: Oliver and Sebastian Moy, Regie Macalino, Ryan Nguyen, Justin Phan, Darren Liang, Kane Ratan, and Tyler Bray. United by a common goal, they aim to be the Asian-American representation in the media that they lacked to see while growing up. The boy band hopes to inspire the younger generation through their content and music.

NSB’s CYDIA North America Tour Dates

NSB's CYDIA North America Tour Dates

NSB has also announced their 2024 “Cydia”  North America Tour dates. The members will be performing in 19 cities across the U.S., bringing their new music and old tracks for a spin. They will be starting in Texas, making their way through the East Coast, and ending back on the West Coast. Buy tickets from Ticketmaster.com to see NSB perform LIVE.

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