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Discover the Melodic Beauty of Noori Belai’s “Ah-Yeh!” Single

Noori Belai (@nooribelai) is an up-and-coming Atlanta-based artist from Ethiopia. Not too long ago, she released a lovely Afro-R&B single, “Ah-Yeh!,” via Preach Records.

Noori Belai – “Ah-Yeh!” single

“‘Ah-Yeh!’ started as a conversation between my best friend and I. She is Bahamian and I am Ethiopian. So, between the two of us, we were joking in our accents and singing melodies that turned into this song. It’s about the experience of a young feminist baddie from the African diaspora. We’re all different shades, colors, and shapes, and may even be from different countries, but we know a good time. (We) all know a good party when we see one (this is called a ‘passa passa’ in Patois), and we all know how to turn up. This song describes that experience of being young, female, from the African Diaspora, and ready to party.” – Noori Belai explained

“Ah-Yeh!” contains a relatable narrative and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with Amaarae, Tyla, and Tems supporters. The song follows mildly in the same direction as Noori Belai’s previously released single, “Snakes!.”

Noori Belai – “Snakes!” music video

“Dedicating this one to the wolves in sheep clothes. People who smiled in my face, but stabbed me in my back when they thought no one was looking. If you ever hated on, laughed at, doubted, or sneak dissed me, thank you. If you ever rejected me, thank you. If you ever claimed to be my friend and switched up, thank you. You made me better, and through those trials, I was re-directed to breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough. So it’s truly MORE LOVE TO MY ENEMIES ’cause there’s been elevation on the other side of all of my pain. That’s why shawty stays lit. We don’t vibrate with negativity. We rejoice. Why? ‘Cause regardless the real one’s gon’ ride while the fake ones divide. Either way, we smile and give thanks. Rain or shine. Sha sha, we move. Let’s run it.” – Noori Belai explained

As the daughter of Ethiopian immigrants in a predominantly white suburb, Noori often felt caught between multiple worlds. She turned to music and eventually experimented on her own, combining the piano with songwriting. She constantly had melodies and lyrics stuck in her head, belting them out for whoever was around—even when they didn’t want to listen.

Noori Belai – “Ah-Yeh!” single

Noori Belai - Ah-Yeh!

“When I was a kid, all I remember was singing and everyone telling me to shut up. But it stuck with me. At school, I couldn’t really identify with American culture because I didn’t grow up with it. Music started off as an escape and it evolved into self-expression.” – Noori Belai explained

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