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Nola Adé releases an adorable music video for her “Heaven” single

Nola Adé is a Nigerian-American singer-songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. Not too long ago, she released an adorable music video for her “Heaven” single, produced by Wolfazar. The song will surely widen Nola’s appeal even more with its infectiously hopeful lyrics over an upbeat afrobeats groove.

Nola Adé – “Heaven” music video

“Flying away this evening, won’t you come too? I’ll show you new altitudes if you jump too. Gravity is pulling us down, we can defy. Just close your eyes and count to 5, believe the wind’s on our side. We’ll go in the light where freedom is law. Live la Vida Loca, no one to tell us, no. Way, high up like heaven. Chasing the sun, trust in the sun, surrendering to imagination, dance in the clouds, walking on air. Breathless at everything surrounding, tempo our souls as the wind blows, wondering why people stay grounded. But you and I, we’re meant to fly.” – lyrics

‘Heaven’ tells a dreamy tale about a young woman who doesn’t want her nor her partner to ever come down from where they are. She also doesn’t desire for them to look too far below because the temptation down on the ground is too tempting to resist. Later, she tells her partner, “Ain’t you over people telling us where they wouldn’t go. Just a taste of heaven got us thinking illogical and doing impossible.”

‘Heaven’ shows an angelic side of Nola Adé as she sings about chasing the sun and flying high. The imaginative tune possesses soulful vocals and tuneful melodies blended with rhythm African drums. Furthermore, “Heaven” and Nola’s previously released debut single, Royal, are both featured on her sophomore EP, ROYAL, via Meeting Everyone Through Art, Nola’s indie label that she owns with her siblings.

Nola Adé – “Royal” EP

Nola Adé - “Royal” EP cover

‘Royal’ celebrates love, empowerment, and self-discovery. The six-track project showcases Nola Adé’s signature AfroSoul style, which combines contemporary R&B vocal arrangements with Afrobeats-inspired production.

The EP’s namesake and lead single, “Royal” (Produced by Wolfazar), is a soulful ballad highlighting Nola’s emotional depth and ability to write introspective lyrics. “Cookout,” another Wolfazar-produced track, is an upbeat summertime track that is perfect for any outdoor gathering. “Children of Freedom (COF)” is a powerful song that inspires listeners to take action. “Energy” is an upbeat track that showcases Nola’s dynamic range and her ability to create infectious melodies. In a nutshell, ROYAL is a testament to Nola’s artistry and her unique sound.

Nola Adé has been making waves in the music industry since her debut EP, “The Love Dance,” in 2016.  Since then, she has gained critical acclaim and praise from notable media outlets.

Nola Adé | Royal – NPR Tiny Desk Submission 2023

Nola Adé recently entered NPR’s Tiny Desk discovery contest with her submission video heralded as a “Desk of the Day” by the editors where she was featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk’s Instagram.

Nola Adé – “Royal” music video

With ROYAL, Nola Adé cements her place as one of the most exciting new artists in the industry. The EP is a must-listen for fans of soul, R&B, and Afrobeats.

Nola Adé

If Nola Ade’s music evokes a little more emotion, if her voice inspires and motivates you in ways you’ve never experienced, know that it is not an accident.  Through a journey of self-exploration, this Nigerian American songbird has come to discover that the purpose behind her gift as an artist is to help her audience find themselves and understand joy as she knows it. Her EP, ROYAL, embodies that purpose, at once a celebration of Nola’s journey as it reminds others to celebrate all that is royal within themselves.

“Heaven” single

Nola Adé - “Heaven” cover art

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