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Nmesomachi releases a cool debut single, entitled, “Lies”

Nmesomachi is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Nigeria. Not too long ago, she released a cool debut single, titled, “Lies,” originally written in 2019. The artist is finally stepping into the music scene with a song she’s postponed so many times.

Nmesomachi – “Lies” single

“Lies, I keep getting surrounded by lies. They keep showing me their blind side. Lies, to hell with the world and their lies. Tell me, don’t keep it, kill me with the truth. I wish there was a way to see my broken heart. You got my hopes so high just to keep them crashing down. I wish the world could stand still and look back and see just how much they destroyed me with their lies.” – lyrics

‘Lies’ finds Nmesomachi raising the bar on what it means to make vulnerable music, as she sings about the inconsequential way she felt after she learned a truth that turned her whole world into a lie. Nmesomachi sings, “All amidst this darkness I see a light. The light is there to point out our many lies. It’s a trap I keep falling into so many times. A war that’s waged on in my losing mind.”

‘Lies’ contains a relatable narrative that will resonate well with anyone who has discovered a lie that has your ideas of the world crumbling down. It’s a game Nmesomachi doesn’t want to play, but she does so anyway. With a heavy heart, she admits, “I wish the world could hold on for a time.”

“Tell me your lies but make them your truth.”

Nmesomachi press photo

“I wrote LIES when I was in a very dark place, maybe possibly the darkest place I’ve ever been in my whole life. True to its name, it was about a lie that was revealed to me that had always been bordering on the fringes of my life and I was always so ignorant of its existence. I chose it to be my debut single because it was one of those times I could truly say that I didn’t hold back and I feel like that’s something that should headline my music career. There’s this line I wrote the day I wrote the song that didn’t make it into the song, and I would love to share with you; “Tell me lies, tell me the truth, just make sure that I don’t know the difference.” — Nmesomachi explained

Nmesomachi may just be fully stepping into the music arena with “Lies,” but she has been behind-the-scenes writing press releases, interviewing talents, and reviewing songs and events for various magazines and media outlets.

“I wish there was a way to see my broken heart.”

Nmesomachi - “Lies” press photo

After years of struggling to get a song out into the world, Nmesomachi hopes to launch two singles this year before working on her debut album. Her songs have a depth of emotions that is not often seen in pop music these days, and whether she’s writing about lies or dreams, she stays true to her emotions. If she were to describe her musical style, she’d call it “crazy and true, with all the right emotions.”

Nmesomachi – “Lies” single

Nmesomachi - “Lies” cover art

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