Niykee Heaton

Niykee Heaton releases a lovely EP, entitled, “Starting Over”

Niykee Heaton is a Chicago-born and South Florida-based singer-songwriter/producer. Not too long ago, she released a lovely 3-song EP, entitled, “Starting Over”.

NiyKee Heaton – “Mascara”

“You can rip my sheets, but don’t rip my heart. Fragile inside but the odds aren’t hard. Paint myself twice just to hide my scars ’cause I need it, yeah, I need it. Ruin my lipstick, ruin my bed, ruin the hair upon my head but don’t you ever ruin my mascara.” – lyrics

‘Mascara’ tells the tale of a woman who’s in a new relationship with a guy she’s feeling. She’s been hurt before and takes pride in wearing make-up because it makes her feel good about herself. Also, when they are being romantic, he’s allowed to ruin her lipstick, bed, hair, her body, but not her life and mascara.


Niykee Heaton + Mascara

‘Mascara’ contains a unique storyline, soft vocals, and guitar-driven instrumentation perfumed with sentimental elements.  

NiyKee Heaton – “Bad Guy”

“You, you, you can call me the bad guy. If it helps you sleep at night. Oh, oh, wouldn’t be the first time that you made me the bad guy. You think you’re the only one hurt. And that’s the reason why we don’t work.” – lyrics

‘Bad Guy’ tells a bitter tale of a woman who’s being blamed for something she ‘allegedly’ did. Apparently, her relationship with her significant other is on the rocks and he’s blaming her for the ugly breakup and hates her because of that. But she wears the ‘bad guy’ tag well and tells a different story of why their relationship didn’t work.

“Bad Guy”

Niykee Heaton + Bad Guy

“Bad Guy” contains a relatable storyline, soft vocals, and slow-bouncing instrumentation embedded with dark undertones.

NiyKee Heaton – “Starting Over”

“If you really love me then let me go now. Find somebody new and take ’em home now. I look at you, won’t miss you when I stop from starting over. So can we stop from starting something that we know that we can’t handle?” – lyrics

‘Starting Over’ tells the tale of a woman who wants to exit her current relationship. Apparently, it’s problematic, and every time she puts some space between her and her ex, he shows up when she’s almost over him. Eventually, he convinces her for them to start all over again, which is something she doesn’t want to do anymore. 

‘Starting Over’ contains a relatable storyline, melodic vocals, and charming instrumentation oozing with sonic passion.

“Starting Over” EP

Niykee Heaton + Starting Over

In conclusion, Niykee Heaton’s “Starting Over” EP is a short and sweet relationship-themed project with replay value. Also, listeners can experience different stages of a relationship, plus gain strength to start all over anew if things turn sour.   

We recommend adding Heaton’s “Starting Over” EP to your personal playlist. 

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