Nikki White releases a lovely music video for her “Fairweather Friends” single

Nikki White is a singer-songwriter from Canada. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her “Fairweather Friends” single via  SMG.

Nikki White – “Fairweather Friends” music video

“I wrote ‘Fairweather Friends’ in LA with my two friends, Jordyn Kane and Aaron Blackmar. When I went into the session, I had an idea about writing a song with the words fairweather friends. I got the idea from my boyfriend the night before actually. I was complaining about some old friends and how they ditched me when things got bad, and he told me to ‘let go of those fairweather friends.’ I think he got the phrase from the Kadhja Bonet song, ha-ha.

The video was a collaboration between myself and the director, Alexander Sworik. Our main goal was to capture the feeling you got watching Much Music videos on a Sunday morning. We went into the shoot with a loose plan and lots of energy. We spent the day running around our hometown, stealing shots, and filming everything and anything we thought looked cool. My friend in the video is actually my best friend in real life. We’ve been best friends for over 22 years.” – Nikki White explained

‘Fairweather Friends’ contains a relatable narrative that will resonate well with fans of Meg Myers, K.Flay, and Wolf Alice. The sentimental tune possesses thudding drums and electric guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with an energetic alternative pop-rock vibration. Furthermore, “Fairweather Friends” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Nikki White in the near future as she continues to release new music.

Nikki White

Nikki White press photo

“In my music, I talk about my struggle with an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, and imposter syndrome. But I also dig into what it’s like to be a young woman in this industry and the bullsh*t that comes with it. I think my music just reflects who I am as a person and tells my life story.” – Nikki White stated

Nikki White seamlessly blends dark lyrics and edgy production to create wonderful music with honest words. Also, she expresses herself successfully without falling too deep into the darkness. With the release of her forthcoming debut solo project, Nikki hopes that sharing her life experiences with others will break down the stigmas surrounding depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and overall feelings of insecurity. She hopes that by conquering her own demons, she can help someone else tame theirs.

Nikki White – “Fairweather Friends” single

Nikki White - “Fairweather Friends” song cover

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