Nikki Hayes - “It Will All Make Sense” press photo

Nikki Hayes releases a marvelous R&B single, entitled, “It Will All Make Sense”

Nikki Hayes is an Arizona-based singer-songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. Not too long ago, she released a marvelous R&B single, entitled, “It Will All Make Sense.”

Nikki Hayes – “It Will All Make Sense” single

“It’s about holding all versions of myself – whether when I was happy, sad, depressed, confused, in love, in survival mode, in sickness, health, better and worse. No matter what, as long as I’m here, I’m experiencing life with myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In that, I remind myself to hold, love, comfort, and forgive all versions of myself (…) Everything in life plays out the way it’s intended to, and it happens for a reason. Whether that reason plays out later in life or we give it a reason and through that, we make sense of it. Everything makes sense one day.” – Nikki Hayes explained

At the heart of every timeless ballad is a shared sense of vulnerability, and a willingness to let us into the artist’s inner sanctum. “It Will All Make Sense” unfolds like a personal diary entry, packed with intimacy, and further heightened by the immaculate production courtesy of Damian C and Farco.

Blurring the lines between R&B and soul with a dash of contemporary, Nikki is well on her way to crafting a sound that highlights her individuality as an artist. Her previous single, “Away,” received critical acclaim, making its way into playlists like RnB Radar and receiving praise from platinum R&B producer, Ye Ali. Her 2018 single Move earned a spot on the CW’s All American, Tyler Perry’s Sistahs, and 50 Cents’ For Life, as well as an Independent Music Award nomination. Her follow-up single Together opened the pilot episode of Tyler Perry’s Sistahs, and additional TV placements on Claws (TNT) and Kings of Napa (OWN).

Nikki Hayes

Nikki Hayes - “It Will All Make Sense” press photo

Every once in a lifetime an artist comes along that truly transcends the boundaries of their contemporary; an artist that can feel so familiar and reminiscent yet completely brand new. This is Nikki Hayes. From her soft airy falsetto to her bombastic and grandiloquent baritone, Nikki Hayes is a voice to be reckoned with. Drawing comparisons to everyone from Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton, to Miss Beyoncé Knowles herself, Nikki has proven herself timeless.

Now residing in the warm ever-summer of Arizona, Nikki Hayes has come a long way since her days in the Soul Children of Chicago choir. Since then, Nikki has left more than just a few heads turned, earning herself the top 5 position on Kuk Harrell’s Who’s Next? Worldwide Online Talent Search as well as the attention and working credits with such names as Malik Yusef and Marcus Kincy. In 2018, her single “Move” with producer and songwriter, Christopher Curran, earned her a spot on the CW’s All American as well as an Independent Music Award nomination.

“It Will All Make Sense” single

Nikki Hayes - “It Will All Make Sense” cover art

“Remember, I told you, skies are bound to turn blue. Even though I have changed you, I grab your face to see you too. For better or worse, you’re here with me. Together, we’ll be, so close your eyes until we close in. I know you’re crying, I know you’re bleeding and daydreaming. You’ve been trying, losing sleep, and gaining hold. But one day, it will all make sense to you.” – lyrics

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