Niina Soleil - “Flowers On Fire” press photo
Photo by Caitlyn Phu

Niina Soleil releases a wonderful video for her “Flowers On Fire” single

Niina Soleil (Nina Shallman) is a rising singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful music video for her “Flowers On Fire” single.

Niina Soleil – “Flowers On Fire” music video

“‘Flowers on Fire’ was basically done in a few hours, after several shots of mezcal and a flurry of musical ideas ping-pong. My co-writers for this song, Jeremy Ruzumna, and Erik Janson, are both out of their minds in the best way possible. Musical geniuses and huge goofballs. We had a blast. Lyrically, ‘Flowers on Fire’ is about passion and tension, suspense, and release. Also, it’s sort of a challenge, a ‘your move’ kind of song. Like, the ball is in your court—so what’re you going to do about it?” – Niina Soleil explained

‘Flowers On Fire’ contains a relatable narrative and pleasing vocals suitable for fans of Fiona Apple, Joni Mitchell, Alice Merton, and Annie Lenox. The likable tune possesses guitar and drum-laden instrumentation flavored with an alternative pop vibration. Furthermore, “Flowers On Fire” serves as a savory treat to what listeners can expect to hear from Niina Soleil in the near future as she continues to release new music. Also, the song follows on the heels of her previously released single, “Make It Summer.”

Niina Soleil – “Make It Summer” music video

“This was such a special project in so many ways. At one point, as we were rolling on an empty PCH during an epic sunset. Nina was nailing the performance, the camera was just where it had to be, and the world felt a bit surreal. I looked at the crew and you could just sense the thrill all around. It was such a high, such a beautiful shoot in so many ways. The visuals of a song don’t always come easy, but with this one, it was crystal clear to me. Such a joy to get to work with a talent like Nina. The technical aspects were pretty challenging, but that was also what made it all so fun.” – stated Carla Dauden, the video director

The Carla Dauden-directed video finds Niina riding in a cobalt blue Mustang, a family heirloom. The blissful summertime tune possesses booming bass, guitar, and synth-driven instrumentation flavored with a dreamy contemporary pop vibration. Also, “Make It Summer” follows Niina’s debut single, “Lonely In Love.”

“Flowers On Fire” single

Niina Soleil - “Flowers On Fire” cover
Photo by Caitlyn Phu

“So much of my lyrics are imagery and word puzzles, with meter and rhythm and rhyme. And I always seem to subconsciously make life hard for myself lyrically! I mean, I rhymed ‘subterranean’ with ‘rein me in’ in my head, and then I had to write an entire verse around that idea alone. So extra.” – Niina Soleil explained

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