Nicky Mckenzie press photo
Photo by Sarah Reynolds

Experience Adolescence & Young Adulthood with Nicky MacKenzie’s “Comfortable” Single

Nicky MacKenzie is a 23-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released an emotive coming-of-age single, “Comfortable.”

Nicky MacKenzie – “Comfortable” (Visualizer)

“I’ve been wrapping myself in the arms around me, couldn’t find a better way of validation. Looking at the time gone by and all I’ve wasted; I just need to find myself in my creations. Find something that counts before I get too faded, but the voices in my head don’t seem to be too patient. Just trying to find the patterns in the life I’m living, close enough to find my truth but something’s missing.” – lyrics

“Comfortable” examines the space between adolescence and young adulthood, questioning what it will feel like to finally arrive in a place of self-reliance. For Nicky MacKenzie, she just wants to go back to the mindset she once had. With a heavy heart, she sings with passion, “I won’t deny it, I could be lying to myself, but I believe I can’t get comfortable if I always wanna leave.”

“Comfortable is the first single from MacKenzie’s forthcoming EP, MORALS, produced by LA-based production duo, Likeminds. Leaving behind the safe familiarity of adolescence, MORALS is a soulful exploration of the emotional landscape that MacKenzie has traversed in the years since her debut album, 2018’s “Honeydew.” In that time, she left her hometown, navigated shifting relationships, graced the stages of huge festivals, and played intimate shows.

“Either way, I know that I’m my one and only.”

Nicky Mckenzie press photo
Photo by Sarah Reynolds

Nicky MacKenzie’s commanding vocals weave into hypnotic R&B melodies, drawing inspiration from the likes of Charlotte Day Wilson, Daniel Caesar, and Hozier. A gifted songwriter capable of both hauntingly poignant restraint and irresistibly catchy pop melodies, she focuses on the universalities that shape us—breakups, self-doubt, nights out—and leaves space for her audience to unpack their own experiences.

Nicky MacKenzie – “Comfortable” single

Nicky MacKenzie - Comfortable Artwork
Photo by Sarah Reynolds

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