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Listen to Nick Marcus’ and TIFFANY’s Brand New R&B Single, “Stay”: An Emotional Tale Of Love, Longing, and Letting Go

Nick Marcus (@nickmarcusmusic) is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia. TIFFANY (@tiffanylikoudis) is a Greek singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Not too long ago, they released a remarkable contemporary R&B duet, “Stay.”

Nick Marcus and TIFFANY – “Stay” single

“Stay” tells a romantic tale about a young guy who wants his significant other to stay with him. Her body is calling his name and he wants nothing more than to be with her. But there’s one problem. She doesn’t know how to come back to him. With great passion, TIFFANY, who represents the woman, sings, “I cannot deny, I do not know where we lie. Should I stay, or should I go? How do I let you know there’s another man, and it’s not you? I can’t decide.” That crushes the guy’s spirits, but he’s a warrior. He won’t go down without a fight. With great intensity, Nick Marcus, who represents the guy, sings ever so eloquently, “Why don’t you stay with me. Your body is calling my name, call my name, baby. Baby, I need you to stay, to stay, to stay (with me). I’m hoping that you find your way back to me.”

Hoping that something happens and it actually happens in real life are two completely different things. But one thing’s for sure, “Stay” is another wonderful offering from Nick Marcus. He continues to satisfy his audience’s thirst for some good old-fashioned romance music that will surely have listeners in their feelings. The song follows warmly on the heels of Marcus’ previously released ballad, “Lost In You.”

Nick Marcus – “Lost In You” music video

“Let me tell you what our love can bring. I can prove you wrong and I’ll keep on holding on. Late-night walks on the beach with your hands all over me. We’d tell them we worked late just so you could stay. Lay it down, there were no trains, I’ll catch a Uber to you, babe. So, I can be with you till the break of morning, babe. And don’t you worry, I will keep you safe.” – lyrics

‘Lost In You’ tells an emotional tale about a young guy who finds himself trapped in his significant other’s spell and he doesn’t know how to break free. He’s stuck like glue in a toxic relationship that’s causing unnecessary drama in his life. With a heavy heart, he tells the spellcaster who has his heart in her hands, “I saw you in my view, oh, I swear that it was you. You say it’s just a friend, but I saw you with a ring, a bath full of roses. I wanna ask, don’t you feel the way I do?” Also, he wants to know, should they stop what they’re doing or keep it going until someone gets hurt?


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TIFFANY is making her sound venturing through the genres of Euro house and NRG. She brings a fresh sound to the music scene and is beginning to cross genres like never before. With her angelic vocals and hypnotic melodies, it is only a matter of time before she makes her mark internationally. “Stay” follows mildly on the heels of TIFFANY’s recent release, “Agápi,” which pays homage to her cultural heritage through the usage of Greek elements, along with contemporary deep house components.

Nick Marcus and TIFFANY – “Stay” single

Nick Marcus x TIFFANY - Stay cover art

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